You Need Me

I know it, you need me, oh yes you do,

The ray of light you seek in the darkness within you,

You need me so much girl, and you know it too.

I am what keeps you awake; the reason you can’t sleep,

You should know, it is with me where your heart has been.

I feel your pain, your misery; I see it in your eyes,

Depressed, dejected and sick at heart,

With me, you’re you girl, without me, you’re not.

It is here, with me girl, where you truly belong,

You miss me, you want me more than anything else.

You can’t deny it, you know deep inside, I’m sure,

You do need me, I know it, but girl, I need you more!


Impossible. Is it?

Published by

Karthik Kumar Sunder

I like to write sometimes.

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