Why Not?

Everyone needs someone to help them in their decisions. An advice works great when taken from the right person. Even the slightest support helps me a lot. But, that happens only when it comes from someone else. I can’t come to understand why I’m not able to get that encouragement myself; how the simplest words can help me. I can get the next person to think he can do something they probably can’t; you can too. Almost everyone can do that. At the same time you can make someone believe they can’t do something they actually can. Why is it that way; why does the opinion of another person affect us as much as it does?

It’s not even required that the person should have any knowledge of whatever they are telling you about. The only thing needed is that you should be ready to take their advice. I mean you know about yourself, what you can do, what you are capable of. No one knows you like you do. Everything you do is done by you; your decisions, your efforts. Then, why is it that we look for inspiration from the outside. Not that there is anything wrong getting it from outside and there isn’t, but why is that we can’t inspire ourselves. It’d be great to just be able to do that.

I would love to be able to tell myself that I can do something I’d like to do and believe it, but somehow it doesn’t work that way. Perhaps, it is because I don’t trust myself enough. That must be it.

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Karthik Kumar Sunder

I like to write sometimes.

14 thoughts on “Why Not?”

  1. Karthik, let me just say two things here:
    1) We ALL feel that way sometimes;
    2) If I believe you can do it and trust you to do it and continue to eagerly follow your blog, what more proof do you need? (HA–but seriously, dig down deep inside yourself, very quietly, stop thinking, wait–and you will see some sparkling jewels of greatness down there in your very own wellspring!)

  2. Karthik,
    the The heart and mind are very fragile things, my friend, that is why we must tread soflty on the hearts and minds of others..keep asking you’ll find answers you are looking for, just keep asking. and when the answers make no sense to you then what? you thank god(insert personal god’s name here if not Christian, no offense meant in not referencing other religions in theis analogy) for people who can be your reflector to help you understand the image you are trying to see. Sorry for the windy view, be well sir.. -Caroline
    ps. my kids loved the picture of Spongebob to look at while I read your post(to myself) earlier today, thank you…

  3. wow maybe I missed your point to your post,that internal souce that is not a source of pride but a source of being content with the way you have lived?… a moral comapss of sorts to point us in our heart as to how to find contentedness from within so as to never long for it again?…if we never longed we would never search and if we never search then we never expand our trritories of exploration, simply put, we cease to grow, so although some thoughts of others are poison, we look anyway…was that a better interpetation of your post, I’m sorry. I hope you moderate :-)

    1. Caroline, indeed, I guess this is something that will stay this way. We’ll always long for inspiration from the outside while we’re a pretty good source for it ourselves. And yes, that was a better interpretation. Thanks for reading :)

    1. Thank you. What you said just gave me a moral boost. That’s what all this is about. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it though :) Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your lovely comment :)

  4. From the time they were early teens my now adult children followed the advice from everyone accept me. The advice of others usually turned out to be unproductive and what I suggested always turned out to be the most advantageous course. The pattern continues. Often I bounce things off just one or two good friends but most of the time you just need to believe in yourself and go with your own gut feelings. Glad you dropped by my blog. More funny stuff planned.

  5. Hi,
    Believing in ones self is important I feel. It is nice to get advice from others sometimes, but the advice is not always right for you. In a personal matter I was given advice from others, and I am so glad I did not take the advice, as what I decided certainly worked out for the best. :)
    Thank You for visiting my blog.

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