Just Lose It

It’s hard. Really hard to let go of something that’s important to you. And even more so if that something is a person. But, every one of us already know of this. Why am I writing this again? Because I can. Well, it is difficult to let go. In many cases, it is the best thing to do and sometimes it’s just the only thing you can do. Because you’re to lose that thing or person even if you do try keeping. It may not seem like that, but letting go is probably easier considering the things you’d go through losing it in a different way.

Nothing can, however, reduce the difficulty it will cause you. But, it will most certainly be less than what will be caused if you don’t let go. We should remember that nothing stays. Even the things you thought were permanent; the things you thought you’d never lose. You can never be sure of what you own.

But, why let go; why not at least try? There are a few reasons, actually. First off, It will be your choice to make; your decision, even if you didn’t have any other option. You are letting something go, setting free. That should feel good. Again, nothing will ease the pain. But, pain, like all other things in life is essential. In fact, pain is the very reason for the survival of all life. I’m not exaggerating in any way.  Pain may not be the reason that man discovered fire, but it is certainly the reason that we learned not to put our hands into it. I don’t think further examples would be necessary. But pain is essential in every way. The pain of letting go of something or someone may have two effects. You can either learn a way that you’ll not have to let go of whatever that you’ve lost the next time. Or you’ll learn not to let something or someone of the same sort to come anywhere near you.

Nothing, really. →

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Karthik Kumar Sunder

I like to write sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Just Lose It”

  1. This goes well with my protected “why” post, The pass word is my name(using Capital C) if you wanna read it. Good post here sir, thank you for your great writing. -Caroline

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