Nothing, really.

I was wondering how much I can write without having absolutely no subject to write about. So, it’s basically this: How much can I write about nothing. It’s not that I’m writing about nothing as a subject, I’m writing without a subject. Well, it does seem interesting. I mean anyone can write about something. But, to write about nothing, that’s something new; something different. The question that comes up is how long can I continue this without losing your attention. Wow, so far so good.

But, how is a person to write with nothing to write about. That’s just ridiculous; plain ridiculous. I don’t understand how I even got this idea and why I’m even continuing to write. With all the stuff that I can write about, it’s rather stupid that I’m writing about this. I say stop! Damn you hands, stop typing! What’s wrong with me? I do not want to write about nothing. I want to write about other interesting stuff. I wouldn’t want to read something that has nothing I can get from. It’s a complete waste of time if you ask me. But why is it that I’m unable to stop; I just can’t stop. What occurs to me as even bizarre than the fact that I’m writing about nothing is, you’re here reading all this. Why? I do appreciate that you’re reading my blog but why this; why not something other than this. There’s many other interesting posts that I’ve written and not to mention the other interesting blogs out there. Looks like there is no way for me to stop writing about nothing. Let’s see if changing the paragraph helps.

Did I just write that? How would changing a paragraph help? What was I thinking; a paragraph is just a paragraph. Changing it won’t change the subject or add a subject in this case. This is just getting stranger. To think that I have been able to write all of this is just flipped. It needs to stop. But how? You can’t tell me how. Because by the time you do reach the comments section, it would already be the end of this, hopefully. Oh the time that I have wasted; mine and yours. The effort that I have put, all in vain. But wait, you’re still reading it and we all agree that anything written has a single purpose, which is being read. So technically, the purpose is served and it is not my time that is wasted. It is sadly yours. I can’t thank you enough for reading through this whole pointless thing which is again, about nothing!

I Hate “Sorry”→

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Karthik Kumar Sunder

I like to write sometimes.

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