Why Not?

Everyone needs someone to help them in their decisions. An advice works great when taken from the right person. Even the slightest support helps me a lot. But, that happens only when it comes from someone else. I can’t come to understand why I’m not able to get that encouragement myself; how the simplest words can help me. I can get the next person to think he can do something they probably can’t; you can too. Almost everyone can do that. At the same time you can make someone believe they can’t do something they actually can. Why is it that way; why does the opinion of another person affect us as much as it does? Continue reading Why Not?

You Die Everyday

I woke up today, just like yesterday and the day before that. Nothing unusual. Everyone wakes up; everyday. Nothing great happening there. But, now that we’re talking about it, you do wake up everyday. You wake up everyday and could be anywhere, anyone or anything. But, you’re the same person at the same place that you were yesterday. Slept yesterday and woke up today. Simple, right?  Now, here’s something I was thinking. Are you really the same person you were yesterday? How can you be sure?

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Just Lose It

It’s hard. Really hard to let go of something that’s important to you. And even more so if that something is a person. But, every one of us already know of this. Why am I writing this again? Because I can. Well, it is difficult to let go. In many cases, it is the best thing to do and sometimes it’s just the only thing you can do. Because you’re to lose that thing or person even if you do try keeping. It may not seem like that, but letting go is probably easier considering the things you’d go through losing it in a different way.

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Nothing, really.

I was wondering how much I can write without having absolutely no subject to write about. So, it’s basically this: How much can I write about nothing. It’s not that I’m writing about nothing as a subject, I’m writing without a subject. Well, it does seem interesting. I mean anyone can write about something. But, to write about nothing, that’s something new; something different. The question that comes up is how long can I continue this without losing your attention. Wow, so far so good. Continue reading Nothing, really.

Forget It

It had occurred to me that if I could just forget about one thing in my life, I could be a happier person. But it is just not possible to forget something you want to forget. Makes you wonder why it is so easy to forget something very important and something that you can’t afford to forget. It does force one to think that maybe its just how your memory is; that you have no control over it. It’s definitely not the case, though.

It could be something you did, something you didn’t or couldn’t, something you had or something you’ve lost. Everyone has that one thing they’d kill to just be able to forget. Continue reading Forget It

Your Life Sucks

Ever since you you were born, you had started taking from the world without even knowing it. Without going into details of the whole reason and purpose of life, let’s just say that everyone does start taking once they arrive on the planet. Taking doesn’t stop, can’t stop, not even for a second. You are constantly taking something from someone or something; everyone is.

There’s nothing wrong with it and even if it was wrong for any reason, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. For it is what you take that makes you what you are. Everything you do, can do and everything you are is simply because of everything you’ve taken and absorbed into yourself. The food, skills, feelings, situations, experiences; you manage to somehow take something from everything you come across. Continue reading Your Life Sucks