Don’t Judge

Life’s funny, it is funny as hell, but the sad thing about it though, is that you can’t laugh at your own life. This could in fact be the saddest thing I could think of. Because if this was possible, if we could really laugh at our own lives, we’d all be laughing like idiots. Happy planet, right? But, nah, that’s not how we are. It’s only funny when it’s not you. That’s the only reason Tom & Jerry is so damn funny. Otherwise, what’s so funny about a cat trying to brutally murder a mouse with sharp knives and failing at it miserably. Miserably, yes, with hammers, anvils and what not that’s constantly falling on its head. Don’t get me wrong though, I love “Tom & Jerry” and I grew up watching it. I’m no different from you and you’re no different from anyone else. We all love to have a good laugh about someone else. And it’s not just laughing, there’s also judging. Everyone’s a judge in their own court. We’ve got a definite opinion on the lives of others, how they could have made it better, how differently (read in a better way) would we have done it had it been us. What’s appears ridiculously ironic to me in this is most of us suck at our own life, no offence. Our interest in the lives of other people is what defines modern society. The one billion active Facebook users on the planet prove this point. We all fare pretty well as onlookers, but what do you do when it is you in the spotlight.

What do you do when you’re absolutely clueless about your own life? “Get a clue” is what someone with my kind of sense of humor would say but, that’s just what it is: a joke (good one though). But, this question could probably have about seven billion answers. But, it can be categorized into four simple choices. Although it may initially be a lot of choices, you’ll narrow it down to four: One: Do nothing; Two: Do something most people do; Three: Do something stupid; Four: Do something new. Sometimes, it’s a combination. It’s this choice that makes us who we are, can make us who we can be, want to be and don’t want to be. While the choice is clear to us, it is not to the person in the spotlight, i.e, the guy living the life we’re judging. You’re that guy too and if you love or hate where you are today, it’s because of the choices you’ve made.

I’m not very proud of all the decisions I’ve ever taken so I can’t pass judgement on what you did. If you’re life isn’t perfect, it’s better to just concentrate on making it better and less on other (people)¬†stuff.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge

  1. Now..I felt a bit uncomfortable, the title says ” Don’t judge” and lastly ,there is “your views please”. I took the last words as final, here are my views only, if it pleases you. if you can laugh on it and not on him/or them, then they can join you in the laughter. Humor is an art to make other’s laugh with you, its sensual and sensitive. its clear and sweet, like a song that pleases..yes..?

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