Happy 2012

The end is near. Yes, the end of the year 2011 that is. To me, 2011 has been the longest year as I’ve had so many important things, so many things I can’t forget and way too many ‘first time’ events that have happened to me. It has been an eventful year. First off, we won the cricket world cup after 28 long years and it meant so much for every one here in India. This was followed by many things which I’m unable to recall immediately. But, 2011 has been a good year overall if you ask me.

I have had a lot of important stuff that happened this year. I completed my graduation, completed a whole year at my first job, found love, met people I can’t forget, made a few but great friends,¬†opened a blog (this one) and started writing and what not. I didn’t want anything for 2011 but got a lot and now I don’t want anything in 2012 so it’s probably going to be awesome. To me every new year seems better than the previous one.

So, here’s to hoping that 2012 will be a great year for me and for you and your loved ones. I wish each one of you a 2012 that’s better than 2011. Happy New Year !!

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7 thoughts on “Happy 2012

  1. I remember 19 and the time…well at least I remember that something happened even if I don’t remember. I mean like something had to have happened. For 2012 I worry about increased problems with Pakistan and Iran.

  2. Been wondering how you were doing, Karthik. So pleased about your 2011. And, as you say, you are likely to have an awesome 2012 since you don’t strive and push for “stuff”! May your 2012 be filled with light and love and laughter and peace!

  3. 2012 ends soon, and I am sure Pakistan and Iran , issue is there, with only Laden got killed and drone attack missed, and friendly fire got hot..fired up..what else..yes..your blog is still here and time is approaching to think about 2013..

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