Think About It

People often complain that I get lost in my thoughts a lot. And I actually do that, a lot. But, there is nothing wrong with it. Thinking is one of best things we can do. It’s what distinguishes us, human beings from, well, everything else. I can’t understand why they complain; can’t see what’s wrong with that. The reason I or anyone gets lost in their thoughts is because they have interesting thoughts. Thinking is one thing you cannot do along with someone, you’ve got to do it alone. You can share your thoughts and discuss them but, only you can think what you do think. So, whether you can go lost in your own thoughts depends on if your thinking is interesting enough to interest you.

The reason I can get lost in thoughts is because my thoughts are interesting. I am capable of spending hours thinking about random things and not get bored. Most of us can do that and I think that it is awesome to be able to do that. And in rare cases, you might end up getting an idea that could actually be useful for you. Thinking is having a conversation with yourself. And the conversation will be interesting if you’re the kind of a person you’d like to talk to. If not, you’ll be bored every time that you have nothing to do.

I like thinking, the subject doesn’t matter. I get to know more about the kind of person I am. If not anything, at least, I don’t get bored when I’m alone.

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9 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. We have an external self and an internal self. So I agree. On the other hand if either one overwhelms by monopolizing that particular self, problems arise but that’s a different discussion for a different post. I think.

  2. Exactly–you don’t get bored when you are alone. See, I don’t think we are “alone” then. I think we are centered down into the essence of ourselves, which allows us to tap into the connection to the Creator!

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