Impossible. Is it?

I’ve noticed that ‘Impossible’ is often used for something that’s totally possible. The things we think are impossible are almost entirely, the things that are more likely to happen than the things that we have planned perfectly and the things that we are sure that are possible.  Perhaps this is because we, in attempt to avoid thinking of what could happen, decide that it is just not possible. You might say that it could be positivity and I would indeed agree in more cases than not. But, ignoring possibilities is not something that should be done.

Everyone does this. We assure ourselves that something that could happen, can’t. We are mostly unaware that we actually do this and of what’s possible and what we are capable of. What you previously thought you were incapable of are mostly the things you end up doing. Something you thought a person would never do is sometimes what they do eventually. It can’t be denied that almost anything is possible anywhere and anytime. The best and the worst things can happen at any time.

If its a bad possibility that you’re ignoring, then you’re probably resisting from being ready should it actually happen. And if it is something good; something you can do but think it’s not possible, that’s plain wrong and you can end up losing opportunities, and more. Not that we should start worrying about all the things that could happen, but, thinking a second time can let you make out if something is actually impossible or not.

Cola Very Dee

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6 thoughts on “Impossible. Is it?

  1. Karthik, I could not agree MORE! “All things are possible with those that love the Lord”. Regardless of your spiritual orientation, you must remember that for all who love(walk in unison with) the Creator, all things are possible(because the forces of Creation are within them). Thank you for this post. Again, wishing you all the best with your studies.

  2. I think that the word “Impossible” is for those who just don’t want to do things anyway. Because if one truly wants to achieve something, then everything’s “Possible”.

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