Run Away a problem is probably the most bravest decision you can make. That said, being brave is not always the best thing for you. Sometimes you need your time away from your problems. These are those problems which you can’t sort out or can’t sort out immediately. What a pain. In such a case, it’s best to just run away from the problem. Staying there will only make you weak. Getting your time away will at least reduce the pain and perhaps let you concentrate on the solution.

Running away is not a solution for everything. It’s not a solution at all. But, you do need it at times. Also, you might try it literally. That helps too. Running works great for me. Both ways. I run away from my problems when I can’t solve them, but I do end up sorting them out eventually. Doesn’t mean I’m not brave enough to face them immediately. It’s just that I have my way of dealing with them. Speaking of running, the best fun of running comes only when you are running away from something or someone. You probably get to do that only when you’re a kid.

Face your problems if you can, if not, take your time away from them. You’ll have to face them sooner or later and later is better in some cases.

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6 thoughts on “Run Away

  1. Karthik, I agree about sometimes needing to “run away” but you do realize the earth is round, don’t you? I personally have found that if I just just put the problem down, leave it with a trustworthy “stone” on top(such as confiding in a friend with no promise of any solution anytime soon!), and run, run, run with the wind(volunteer duty, actually RUNNING in the woods,etc.), I come around full circule into a sudden burst of light in one of those “ta-da!” moments more often that you would imagine! Great good luck with your MBA work. Like your honesty!

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