That Person

It’s interesting to see how you are able to motivate, inspire and help someone make decisions that you’d probably not be able to make yourself. It surprises me. You can encourage someone to do something and help them believe that they can do something they think they can’t. I can do that. But, somehow you are unable to do this for yourself. At the same time, you have that one person who makes you feel that way and probably affects you just as much, but you don’t realise it.

It’s the presence of this person that makes you feel confident of yourself. Things seem right when you’re with them. But, this is only one of the things that the person can do; your friend. Not just any friend though, this one person who you can share everything about yourself, good and bad and even if you’re not much, you’ll feel awesome. You can talk about your boring day and actually sound interesting. You can laugh at yourself and actually enjoy yourself doing just that. If there is one person that you can be yourself in the way you’d like to be, it’s the person this is all about.

You may not realise that, but you might just be that person for someone. So, it does appear to me that the reason I’m able to affect a person is not because I can; it is because the person allows me to. So, in case, you are that person for someone, congratulations. But, if you have someone like this, that’s just awesome; I do.

You Die Everyday

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