Don’t Judge

Life’s funny, it is funny as hell, but the sad thing about it though, is that you can’t laugh at your own life. This could in fact be the saddest thing I could think of. Because if this was possible, if we could really laugh at our own lives, we’d all be laughing like idiots. Happy planet, right? But, nah, that’s not how we are. It’s only funny when it’s not you. That’s the only reason Tom & Jerry is so damn funny. Otherwise, what’s so funny about a cat trying to brutally murder a mouse with sharp knives and failing at it miserably. Miserably, yes, with hammers, anvils and what not that’s constantly falling on its head. Don’t get me wrong though, I love “Tom & Jerry” and I grew up watching it. I’m no different from you and you’re no different from anyone else. We all love to have a good laugh about someone else. And it’s not just laughing, there’s also judging. Everyone’s a judge in their own court. We’ve got a definite opinion on the lives of others, how they could have made it better, how differently (read in a better way) would we have done it had it been us. What’s appears ridiculously ironic to me in this is most of us suck at our own life, no offence. Our interest in the lives of other people is what defines modern society. The one billion active Facebook users on the planet prove this point. We all fare pretty well as onlookers, but what do you do when it is you in the spotlight.

What do you do when you’re absolutely clueless about your own life? “Get a clue” is what someone with my kind of sense of humor would say but, that’s just what it is: a joke (good one though). But, this question could probably have about seven billion answers. But, it can be categorized into four simple choices. Although it may initially be a lot of choices, you’ll narrow it down to four: One: Do nothing; Two: Do something most people do; Three: Do something stupid; Four: Do something new. Sometimes, it’s a combination. It’s this choice that makes us who we are, can make us who we can be, want to be and don’t want to be. While the choice is clear to us, it is not to the person in the spotlight, i.e, the guy living the life we’re judging. You’re that guy too and if you love or hate where you are today, it’s because of the choices you’ve made.

I’m not very proud of all the decisions I’ve ever taken so I can’t pass judgement on what you did. If you’re life isn’t perfect, it’s better to just concentrate on making it better and less on other (people) stuff.

Happy 2012

The end is near. Yes, the end of the year 2011 that is. To me, 2011 has been the longest year as I’ve had so many important things, so many things I can’t forget and way too many ‘first time’ events that have happened to me. It has been an eventful year. First off, we won the cricket world cup after 28 long years and it meant so much for every one here in India. This was followed by many things which I’m unable to recall immediately. But, 2011 has been a good year overall if you ask me. Continue reading Happy 2012

Merry Christmas !!

Owing to the festive season, I’ve been too busy to be able to (or gather the strength to) do the things I love to do which include posting on the blog. It is because of the kind of job I’m in which includes ensuring that everyone gets their presents on-time for the holidays. But, in the process, I get to know how important the holiday season is and how it is so much more than the presents. So, I would love to take this time to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.


Merry Holidays :D

Think About It

People often complain that I get lost in my thoughts a lot. And I actually do that, a lot. But, there is nothing wrong with it. Thinking is one of best things we can do. It’s what distinguishes us, human beings from, well, everything else. I can’t understand why they complain; can’t see what’s wrong with that. The reason I or anyone gets lost in their thoughts is because they have interesting thoughts. Thinking is one thing you cannot do along with someone, you’ve got to do it alone. You can share your thoughts and discuss them but, only you can think what you do think. So, whether you can go lost in your own thoughts depends on if your thinking is interesting enough to interest you. Continue reading Think About It

Impossible. Is it?

I’ve noticed that ‘Impossible’ is often used for something that’s totally possible. The things we think are impossible are almost entirely, the things that are more likely to happen than the things that we have planned perfectly and the things that we are sure that are possible.  Perhaps this is because we, in attempt to avoid thinking of what could happen, decide that it is just not possible. You might say that it could be positivity and I would indeed agree in more cases than not. But, ignoring possibilities is not something that should be done. Continue reading Impossible. Is it?

Cola Very Dee

So, this time I’m not going to write about life, relationships or other things I enjoy writing about. No, this one’s about the viral song that has taken over all the speakers and headphones in India. It’s this one song called ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’. For some reason, I consider myself to be different; that it is not necessary that I should like something everyone does. And so, it took about four days of the hype for the song for me to finally listen to it. I started listening to it two days ago; I’m yet to stop. Infact, I’m listening to it while I write this post. I don’t know if it’s normal to listen to music while writing, but I do it all the time. Continue reading Cola Very Dee

Why Not?

Everyone needs someone to help them in their decisions. An advice works great when taken from the right person. Even the slightest support helps me a lot. But, that happens only when it comes from someone else. I can’t come to understand why I’m not able to get that encouragement myself; how the simplest words can help me. I can get the next person to think he can do something they probably can’t; you can too. Almost everyone can do that. At the same time you can make someone believe they can’t do something they actually can. Why is it that way; why does the opinion of another person affect us as much as it does? Continue reading Why Not?

Run Away a problem is probably the most bravest decision you can make. That said, being brave is not always the best thing for you. Sometimes you need your time away from your problems. These are those problems which you can’t sort out or can’t sort out immediately. What a pain. In such a case, it’s best to just run away from the problem. Staying there will only make you weak. Getting your time away will at least reduce the pain and perhaps let you concentrate on the solution. Continue reading Run Away

That Person

It’s interesting to see how you are able to motivate, inspire and help someone make decisions that you’d probably not be able to make yourself. It surprises me. You can encourage someone to do something and help them believe that they can do something they think they can’t. I can do that. But, somehow you are unable to do this for yourself. At the same time, you have that one person who makes you feel that way and probably affects you just as much, but you don’t realise it. Continue reading That Person

You Die Everyday

I woke up today, just like yesterday and the day before that. Nothing unusual. Everyone wakes up; everyday. Nothing great happening there. But, now that we’re talking about it, you do wake up everyday. You wake up everyday and could be anywhere, anyone or anything. But, you’re the same person at the same place that you were yesterday. Slept yesterday and woke up today. Simple, right?  Now, here’s something I was thinking. Are you really the same person you were yesterday? How can you be sure?

Continue reading You Die Everyday

Just Lose It

It’s hard. Really hard to let go of something that’s important to you. And even more so if that something is a person. But, every one of us already know of this. Why am I writing this again? Because I can. Well, it is difficult to let go. In many cases, it is the best thing to do and sometimes it’s just the only thing you can do. Because you’re to lose that thing or person even if you do try keeping. It may not seem like that, but letting go is probably easier considering the things you’d go through losing it in a different way.

Continue reading Just Lose It

Nothing, really.

I was wondering how much I can write without having absolutely no subject to write about. So, it’s basically this: How much can I write about nothing. It’s not that I’m writing about nothing as a subject, I’m writing without a subject. Well, it does seem interesting. I mean anyone can write about something. But, to write about nothing, that’s something new; something different. The question that comes up is how long can I continue this without losing your attention. Wow, so far so good. Continue reading Nothing, really.

I Hate “Sorry”

Sorry. How do you feel when someone says that to you? Does it comfort you; Does it make up for what’s already happened? No. In my opinion, Sorry is one of the most meaningless words that is used commonly. It’s a word misused heavily. I can’t really come to understand why it came into existence. It is sad that people rely on this everyday word to avoid solving a problem they probably could. Continue reading I Hate “Sorry”

Would you like yourself?

As a kid, I remember looking into the mirror and asking myself: Why aren’t more people like me in the world? Well, that was dumb. But, now that I think about that, it makes me wonder. What if there was more of me? Someone exactly like me, would I like, hate or just stay away from the person. Most may draw a conclusion that they would immediately start to like a person who was exactly the same as them. Not really. Continue reading Would you like yourself?

Are you the Talker?

Uncomfortable silence or a forced conversation, what would you prefer? If you’d rather engage yourself in a forced conversation, you’re the talker. We are all familiar with that awkward silence when you’re alone with someone you’d rather not be alone with, the person you have absolutely no connection with. Most of such instances happen in the elevator, but these things can happen almost anywhere. How do you handle it? Would you rather notice the interesting texture of the walls, constantly look at your watch or would you simply put your headphones on and forget that the other person exists? Either way, the awkwardness persists. Continue reading Are you the Talker?

Forget It

It had occurred to me that if I could just forget about one thing in my life, I could be a happier person. But it is just not possible to forget something you want to forget. Makes you wonder why it is so easy to forget something very important and something that you can’t afford to forget. It does force one to think that maybe its just how your memory is; that you have no control over it. It’s definitely not the case, though.

It could be something you did, something you didn’t or couldn’t, something you had or something you’ve lost. Everyone has that one thing they’d kill to just be able to forget. Continue reading Forget It

Your Life Sucks

Ever since you you were born, you had started taking from the world without even knowing it. Without going into details of the whole reason and purpose of life, let’s just say that everyone does start taking once they arrive on the planet. Taking doesn’t stop, can’t stop, not even for a second. You are constantly taking something from someone or something; everyone is.

There’s nothing wrong with it and even if it was wrong for any reason, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. For it is what you take that makes you what you are. Everything you do, can do and everything you are is simply because of everything you’ve taken and absorbed into yourself. The food, skills, feelings, situations, experiences; you manage to somehow take something from everything you come across. Continue reading Your Life Sucks